Mishca’s heart is not her own

Mishca is a speculative fiction, with a nice dash of mystery and humour, crossing over the realms of the paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy. It brings a new twist, with themes, beings, and creatures that are not a part of current ‘trends’ and a fresh original voice.

Mishca should have it all, being adopted by celebrity parents. But she is no Nicole Richie. Her poor health has hampered her ability to make friends and is a turn-off for boys. After graduating high school she undergoes a lifesaving heart transplant operation. But this new heart seems to come with consequences. Nightmares begin to plague Mishca, and she begins to wonder about her birth parents, something that had never bothered her before. Unbeknown to Mishca, strangers who are haunting her in dreams are also watching her movements in the real world.

The quest to find her birth parents leads her to Ryder, a fellow adoptee who seems to get Mishca on a level no-one else has before. Her health and inexperience does not faze him and their romance begins to blossom. Her journey into womanhood, her new life at university, and her relationship with Ryder take unexpected twists that ultimately lead to the shocking discovery about the truth of her past.

Currently, Mishca’s manuscript is on HarperCollins review desk after recently ranking second out of more than twenty-five thousand projects on their online community, InkPop, for aspiring YA authors. While HarperCollins is reviewing, they will be considering it for publication. ttp://inkpop.com/projects/18350/mishca-/

The idea for Mishca came to me as a “What if?” scenario. To not give away the twist the best example I could give is “What if a time traveller met herself in another time?”  As I researched and wrote the story expanded further and subplots developed for other characters.  While it could be work as a stand alone story, it is designed to be the opening book of a series that explores the themes of heritage, belonging, atonement, forgiveness and love.

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