Riding on a wave of inspiration

I love Saturdays. I ride out to Eimeo Beach, thinking about the story I’m currently writing. Scenes flash through my head, dialogue goes round and around in my mind, continuity issues get identified and sometimes new ideas poke their way in. I daydream and somehow manage not to get run over (and I’ve learnt the trick to avoid getting swooped by the magpies without wearing those antenna looking things from my helmet).

When I finally coast into the carpark, hubby is normally already there setting up the beach (yes I’m a crazy woman who does a 30 minute ride when the rest of her family take a 10 minute drive). I jump in the beach buggy as he sets up the flags, still letting the thoughts from the ride roll around in my head.

We do the stinger drags, throwing back the fish we inadvertently catch and checking for any deadly box jellyfish and irukandji jellyfish (we hae a month hopefully before they hit our beaches). Then I usually get to go off by myself, settle into a chair with a view of the ocean and write for a solid hour – a luxury that I don’t get very often at home unless I stay up into the wee hours of the morning.

Then I go get lunch from Nemos Fish Bar. They make the best fish burgers, according to my husband and eldest son and I can honestly say I do not ever remember having a nicer piece of takeaway fish.

After feasting on fish and salad, I laze around with family (also prodding my youngest to finish his lunch, which can be a 30 minute job). This then brings me to an important junction, another hour of writing or reading on the beach. Either way, the lapping waves and idyllic beach setting are a great backdrop. Today is was overcast and my writing groove was on so I opted to keep writing. Once my writing/reading hour is up it’s more family time.

When it’s time for hubby to start packing up the beach, I get back on the bike for the ride home, which is always quicker than the ride there. Again the stories rolls through my head, along with the occasional blog post,

Next week I’m changing up my routine a bit as I am going outrigging. There’s a social out rigging group that is out when we turn up in the mornings so I’m taking advantage of trying something new. Hopefully being out on the water will provide a different inspirational experience (I feel an ocean story brewing) and it doesn’t just leave me too exhausted that I end up drooling on my laptop.

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