Want to host a Get Your Pitch On Workshop?

It’s not long to go now until Get Your Pitch On details are revealed. Yah!

Get Your Pitch On is a chance for YA writers to pitch to an editor! She has told me that she’s looking for YA in any genre and the writer can be based anywhere in the world.

Right now I’m looking for more bloggers to host workshops prior to the contest opening. Here’s what’s involved:

  • Workshops run from October 1 until the contest opens 15 October.
  • Take on 5 to 10 pitches on your blog – pitches are to be between 50 – 70 words.
  • Each pitch needs to be a separate post to allow for feedback in the comments.
  • Provide feedback on improving the pitch and encourage other people to provide feedback.

It’s up to the host blogs if they want additional requirements, such as writers much be a follower of the host blog to be part of the workshop.

The blogs that have signed up so far include:

The competition will have a maximum for 100 entries per blog over Down Under Wonderings and YAtopia – so 200 in total. Which means we need lots of blogs to be involved to help writers hone their entries.

You can host a workshop and still enter the competition. So if you’re interested, go to the contacts page on my website and shoot me an email or add your details in the comments (blog and email).

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