Get Your #PitchOn requests!

Thank you so much to all the people who entered Get Your Pitch On. Marisa has been through the entries and the requested manuscripts are below. These writers should have received an email with the instructions. If you’re on the list below and you haven’t received an email yet, please get in touch with Marisa at

For the Aussies, there will be an interview soon with Marisa for the AMPERSAND PROJECT, which is specifically for debut Australian YA authors. So keep watching the blog for that.

Here’s the pitches that caught Marisa’s eye:

Name: Helen Patrice
Country of Residence: Australia
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy
Word count: 48,000 words
Pitch: Puff, an eighteen year old homeless girl, is hunted through Melbourne’s
parks and beaches. Night Things – their touch burns like freezing fire, rips
away skin, flesh, bone in an instant. She must find safety, all the while
doubting her sanity. Home – with a step-father willing to sacrifice her to them
in exchange for magical power – is no option. Will John, also homeless, offer
sanctuary, or even more complications?

Name: Fiona McLaren
Email: fionamarie1981 [ @ ]
Country of residence: UK
Genre: YA Contemporary
Word-count: 50,000
Pitch: Teenage Seth and his family are thrown into a media feeding frenzy when
his child-star sister is abducted from their grandiose family home. As the
investigation deepens and the time for finding his sister runs out, Seth must
decide if being the only person who knows where she is and why is worth the
price of the family secrets.

Leiann Bynum
Email: slbynum3 [@]
Country of residence: USA
Genre: Science-fiction
Word-count: 52,000
Pitch: Some people believed the world would end in 2012, and now the sun has
gone out, causing major weather disasters. Vanessa, an eighteen-year-old
African-American, has followed in her dad’s footsteps of being a firefighter,
and her skills are put to the test during this worldwide catastrophe. When
strange nocturnal carnivores also start emerging from the darkness, Vanessa
must unite with a group of survivors in a fight to stay alive.

Ellen Rozek
Country of Residence: USA
Genre: YA thriller
Word Count: 76,000
Convicted murderer Naomi expects a transfer to an adult prison for her
eighteenth birthday. Instead, she gets a job offer. Recruited by the government
to help fight domestic terrorists, Naomi learns quickly that trusting anyone
outside her organization is an easy way to die. But if that’s the case, why
can’t she keep from befriending an outsider—a boy with dangerous connections
who could either kill her, or help her?

David Purse
Email: pursedavid(at)
Country of residence: Scotland
Title: The Tainted Ones
Genre: Urban Fantasy (YA)
Word-count: 67,000
Pitch: Seventeen-year-old Connor expected to see a lot of things at his first
college party. A demon wasn’t one of them. After being saved from a vicious
attack by teenage demon hunters, he learns that he now carries the mark of a
demon, which basically puts him on special at the demon cafe. Connor has seven
days to kill the demon that marked him or he will transform into one himself.
And he thought high school was hell.


Name: Melissa Gorzelanczyk
Email: melissa [ @ ]
Country of residence: USA


Genre: YA Paranormal
Word-count: 62,000
Pitch: Sixteen-year-old Hannah Clare
can hear people’s thoughts, but a family history of mental illness creates a
fine line between what is delusion and what is paranormal. Only Colin’s touch
can make the voices melt away, but Hannah’s already heard the one secret she
can’t keep: Colin’s cousin is stalking his next prey.

 Name: Beck Nicholas
Email: beck.nicholas[ @ ]
Country of residence: Australia
Title: FAKE
Genre: Contemporary
Word-count: 73000
When 16-year-old Kath McKenny is publicly dumped, seducing the
boyfriend-stealing new girl with a fake online guy seems like the perfect
revenge. Until Kath falls for her victim’s brother. When the new girl goes
missing, Kath’s the only one with the answers, but the truth could cost her
both her new boyfriend and her deepest secret.

Name: Camilla Laurel
Email: camillalaurel(at)gmail(dot)com
Country of residence: Canada
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Word-count: 75,000
Pitch: Mia is the world’s most famous superhero but she’s hiding a secret—she’s
lost her powers. After an attempt on Mia’s life by deadly foe and first love,
Dr. Destroyer, she’s forced to seek protection from The Federation, a
secretive, underground superhero agency.The Federation’s offer isn’t all that
it seems. Mia becomes an unwilling pawn in a dark scheme which threatens to
destroy her and the superhero world forever.

Name: Alex Fox
Country of residence: Australia
Genre: YA – mystery/romance
Word count: 55,000
Pitch: Tormented by her sister’s horrific death, Riley Benjamin begins to
question everything she once wanted – hot boyfriend, killer style and the
worship of her peers. Then Dean Jagger shows up at her school; he understands
her like no one ever has. But he’s a boy with a mysterious past. If he’s the
murderer people say he is, Riley will face the toughest decision of her life.

John Back
Email: mrjohnaback [@]
Country of residence: Australia (Brisbane)
Title: One Hundred Moments of Beautiful Doubt
Genre: YA Contemporary
Word-count: 51,000
Pitch: On Pluto Greene’s fourteenth birthday, colour disappears from his life:
not from the world itself, only from the skins of other people. His father has
run away and his mother is unable to cope, leaving only Pluto’s two sisters –
also colourless – for support. These so-called Blanks now surround him. A year
and a half later, a girl with violet eyes becomes the subject of his
attraction, and surely enough he becomes obsessed with the possibilities of
change. If only he can find the courage to say hello.

Will Klein
Country of residence: US
Genre: contemporary fantasy
Word-count: 70,000
Pitch: When Nick Syn meets the devil on his fifteenth birthday, he expects
things will get interesting. He doesn’t know he could become the bad guy.
Thrust sideways into a mystical world he’d only hoped existed, whispered
folklore and superstition come to life and Nick discovers the world is darker
than he had any reason to think.

Tlotlo Tsamaase
Email: rosewentberg [@]
Country of Residence: Botswana
Genre: YA Fantasy
Word-count: 90,000
Pitch: Sixteen-year-old Emma Blekbyrd has twenty-two days to live. Every
winter, winged men in the skies hunt humans. Emma knows this because she has a
scar from an attack that’s slowly killing her. She realizes that people in her
town are being kidnapped to be body donors for a possession scheme, and the
winged men intend to have her body for someone else . . . without her in it.

Candice Montgomery
Email: candicemontgomery2 [ @ ]
Country of residence: America
Title: BREAK
Genre: YA Epic Fantasy
Word-count: 96,000
Pitch: Sixteen-year-old Karsten Summers discovers her ability to Break into and
manipulate the dreams of others in any way she chooses, in addition to learning
her father’s kept this a secret from her all her life. While simultaneously
managing the normal aspect of her life (social cliques; the dark secret of her
high school crush, Noah; the death of her parents; recovering from self-harm habits)
Karsten must learn the ins-and-outs of her power and choose how she’ll use
it—for the people who are like her, the society of Breakers, or for the
Aphotix, a team of nightmare-inducing scum, who promise to show Karsten what
real power is like.


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