Possessing Freedom interview with Rhiannon Hart

Today I’m talking with the Australian author, and contributor to Possessing Freedom, RHIANNON HART.


As part of the Possessing Freedom launch, Australian Literary Review Editor, Steve Rossiter, is holding a Fan Fiction Competition where you could win $2,000! To enter you need to have read the book, so we’re giving away three copies over three interviews. There’s this interview, an interview with Steve Rossiter on YAtopia and an interview with Belinda Dorio on YAtopia on October 27.

Sharon: So
what attracted the team to a ghost story?

Rhiannon: I came aboard quite late in the process and the theme and plot had already been
decided. I’m a YA paranormal nut, thought, so as soon as I read the proposal I
had to be involved.

Sharon: What were some of the steps the team took to ensure consistency in

Rhiannon: We had several meetings and lots of discussion posts on Facebook. The main
character I write, Emma, appears first time in thread three, the thread that I
wrote with Beau. Beau had given her her basic voice, and I got to expand on
that. Emma’s 15, doesn’t like “weird” food and she’s got some stroppy
friends. It was easy to picture her from that.

Sharon: Who was your favourite character to write and why?

Rhiannon: I only write from Emma’s POV, but I loved writing the scenes with her and Mark.
I could picture him very clearly. He’s a calm, easy-going sort of guy who
doesn’t get ruffled when things get crazy. He will, however, admit when things
start to get weird. It’s a nice combo.

Sharon: If you were a paranormal being, what would you want to be?

Rhiannon: Probably a witch. They’re close enough to mortals to blend in but get to have
all these powers. Plus they read a tonne of books. I could get into that.

Sharon: During this process did you ever break out into the Ghostbusters song?

Rhiannon: I was getting a more Charmed and Buffy vibe actually! I busted out How Soon Is
Now a few times.

Sharon: Did you have an imaginary friend growing up (if so tell us about him/her):

Rhiannon: No, unfortunately, but I did have a vivid imagination. I liked to imagine there
were ghosts in my room. My friends and I even started a sort of paranormal club
when we were nine or so. We were convinced we all had ghosts in our houses.

Sharon: I believe Maria V Snyder workshopped the opening story, what was that like?

Rhiannon:I wish I’d been there to meet her! I hope she enjoys the final product and I
look forward to dropping her a line.

Sharon: What is the biggest learnings you’ve taken away from the process?

Rhiannon: It’s not as hard as you might think to manage a group project. You need the
right sort of people first, and be open to each other’s ideas. It’s also a lot
of fun. I don’t know of many group-written novels so I can’t wait to see how
this one will be received.

Rapid fire questions:

Latte or cappuccino? Cappuccino. It’s all about the chocolate.
Note pad and pen or computer? Both. I work on the train.
Magic or fists? Ooh toughie. I have to say both again.
Blue or green? Blue.
Sixth Sense or Ghostbusters? Ghostbusters all the way, baby.

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