Literary Agent Interview with Jordy Albert

Jordy Alberts from Corvisiero Literary Agency has joined me for an interview. There’s even a critique giveaway at the bottom for those of you who want to tighten the opening of your manuscript.

Sharon: Tell us a bit
about your journey to becoming an agent.

Jordy: A career in publishing has always been something
that’s interested me, but as I’ve discovered, it’s a very competitive field, so
I decided that I would love to discover new authors and help them achieve their
publishing goals. I really wasn’t sure where to start, but a friend pointed me
in the direction of Marisa Corivisiero’s blog. I emailed her with some
questions, and she emailed me back asking if I’d be interested in helping her
go through queries and submissions, learning from her in the process. Of
course, I said yes! She is a complete doll. In March she opened her own agency,
and it’s been an amazing experience working with the Corvisiero team! 

Sharon: What advice
do you have for anyone aspiring to become an agent?

 Jordy: Read. A lot! Know what is selling and what there is
too much of in the current market. Keep a look out for internships on different
job boards, such as the one on Publishers Marketplace or Or visit
different agency websites to find out if they have any opportunities currently
available. Follow agents and agencies on Twitter and
Facebook because they will often make announcements when they are looking for
new blood.

Sharon: The question
that every aspiring author is hanging out to know – what is on your submission
wish list?

Jordy: I’m currently looking to acquire Adult, Young
Adult/Middle Grade. I’m particularly interested in romance, especially
historical (Regency) or paranormal. I would love to see more time travel and
mythology in submissions. I’d also love to see more stories involving travel
and competitions.

Sharon: You’ve talked
about the importance of including character motivation in queries on your
blog. What other key things should writers include in their queries?

Jordy: I would encourage writers to focus on hooking the
agent. Your query is sort of like the blurb on the back of a book (other
materials might be requested, so please make sure you always check guidelines
before submitting). Grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read
more. Recently a number of agents participated in a pitch contest on Twitter:
#PitMad. The authors did an absolutely amazing job at catching our attention in
just the character limit. Because we receive so many submissions, we can usually
tell within the first few sentences if it’s something we’d like to take a
closer look at, so you have to make sure you stand out, and that we’ll remember
your query.

Sharon: You also work
as a freelance editor. How important is it for authors to take the plunge and
get a professional to look over their manuscript before they submit?

Jordy: I wouldn’t say that it’s necessary to get your
manuscript looked at professionally. But I would recommend finding Beta readers
you trust, joining a critique group, or partnering with a writer friend. Also,
proofread because I’ll often come across simple grammatical errors that
probably would have been caught by double checking.

Sharon: In both your
agenting and editing experience, what are the key mistakes authors are making
with their stories?

Jordy: Many stories start with a strong hook, but then fail
to grab the reader and make her want to keep reading. I look for stories that
make me feel I am with the characters, part of the story and along for the
ride. I am looking for an emotional connection with the characters and
story—appeal to the readers emotions.

Sharon: Tell us a bit
about the clients and stories you have signed so far?

Jordy: I love my clients! They are talented and sweet. The
stories range from a Middle Grade fantasy and YA sci-fi to a witty contemporary

Sharon: You call
yourself a ‘book carnivore.’ What type of books do you like to devour when
you’re not reading submissions?

Jordy: Paranormal romance and historical romances ( I love
Karen Marie Moning, Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter, Larissa Ione, J. R. Ward,
Sabrina Jeffries and Teresa Medeiros). Young Adult titles, such as DIVERGENT by
Veronica Roth, Hunger Games, and The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra

Rapid Fire Questions:

Unicorns or Dragons – Dragons

Time Travel or Super Powers – Time Travel

Drama or Comedy – Comedy

DVD or Cinema – Cinema

Hard Cover, Paperback or eBook – Hardback


Jordy is offering 10 page critiques to three random pitchers and I will also be giving 10 page critiques to my three favourite pitches. Complete the Rafflecopter instructions for your chance for a critique.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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