The Sekrit Project revealed

I saw so many glorious pitches come through my own inbox for Pitch Wars, as well as other mentors’, that it made me really sad that only a small percentage were going to make the final cut.

Then a new opportunity arose for me to scout through the entries for two independent publishers. I’ve received a wish list, which includes YA and NA pitches.

How I’m doing it to protect the authors:

Because the decision to query an independent publisher is a very personal one I am not passing on the queries. Instead I am creating a micro pitch that identifies the genre, a one sentence pitch and then adding any personal thoughts on the query. This way the author, the MS name and the main premise are kept private in case the author isn’t interested in those publishers.

The editors will let me know if they’re interested in seeing any of these pitches in query form. I will then contact the author letting them know that an editor is interested in seeing their query and that they can reference the Pitch Wars Sekrit Project in their query.

It will be totally up to the author if they want to submit to the publisher, or if they want to hold out for an agent.

So, if you are a Pitch Warrior (a Pitch Wars participant) and you want me to look at your pitch for Sekrit Project consideration, please leave your name and MS title in the comments and I’ll make sure I hunt it out to look at it.

Also – let me know in the comments if you DO NOT want me to micro pitch your project (you want an agent first, you’re not interested in independent publishers).

Please note I won’t be putting it out there publicly who I micro-pitched to the editors and it’ll be up to the authors if they want to put anything out in the public area if they get an invitation to query.

The Sekrit Project is only for people who participated in Pitch Wars and did not get selected as a top pick or as an alternate.

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