Pitch Madness SJ-10: ARROWS


YA Myth Adaptation
Word Count:  64,000
Pitch: Aaryn wants to become the next great cupid.
His mistake? Shooting Karma, a ballet prodigy who’s traded her future for the
love of a selfish jerk. Now, Aaryn’s been banished to Earth as a human.
I saved my arrows for
It was a warm night on
Earth for my first assignment. Phoebe, my mentor, worked from the shadows, her
slender body appearing indestructible as she lifted her bow, her skin like
“Aaryn,” Phoebe said.
“Those two.” Golden shivers of light passed through the arrow she notched into
her bow, and when she retracted, the fletching made a dent against the apple of
her cheek. Her coal-lined eyes focused on two teens standing by the door of the
high school.
Even though we were
invisible, the teens seemed nervous. The girl cast little glances at her date,
who was busy wiping his palms down his suit pants.
Phoebe paused.
Narrowed her gaze.
With a snap, a glittery
path tore through the air, the arrow disintegrating with a burst of light
through the boy’s tie.
Phoebe slid a cool glance
in my direction. I’d never experienced the arrows like that. I’d devoured the
class material and studied more than I would ever admit. Now, right before my
eyes, love was beginning to unfold. The punch of my heart seemed to chase the
next shot.
Phoebe placed a second
arrow against the silver wire and brought the girl into her sights. The arrow
flew and disappeared. Wow.
The teens held each other
for a long time. They kissed. The whole thing was amazing, really. Two humans
who hadn’t even reached adulthood, who’d barely started to learn about life,
and they’d already found their soul mate.
“You’re up,” Phoebe said.

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