Pitch Madness SJ-12: PIRATE JENNY


YA Historical
Word Count:  60,000
Pitch: 17yo Jenny discovers that the mother who abandoned her
is the Red Lady pirate. When her mother is imprisoned, Jenny must decide to
either rescue her or let her swing from King Henry’s noose
The ship stole
into the harbor just after dark. I happened to be looking out the upstairs
window at the full moon reflected on the blue black water. I liked how the
image wavered back and forth as the waves moved. Was the ship a reflection of
the light?
I blinked and the
image vanished. Thinking I had imagined it, I turned back to the room with the
cleaning rag in my hand, I jumped. Meg watched me from the doorway.
“Girl? You
dreaming again? Get to work before I whip you.” Meg flew at me with her hand
I ducked and
scurried out of her way. I ran down the stairs taking two at a time.
“Get back here,
Meg was old and
had a substantial girth so I knew she would not be able to catch me. I giggled
as I rounded the corner and ran smack into Thomas, who carried a full tray of
goblets filled to the brim with ale. Of course they spilled all over him, me
and the floor. I landed on my bottom, my dress soaked.
He glared at
“Fetch me six
goblets of ale and take them to the table by the window.” Thomas shook himself
like a dog would, sending more droplets of the nasty smelling brew all over me.
“I smell like ale,” I
wailed as I wrung out a handful of hair dripping with the stuff. I stood and
tried to get around him but he caught my arm. 

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