Pitch Madness SJ-13: THE ART OF BREAKING


YA Magical Realism
Word Count:  89,000
Pitch: After dying and coming back as an
Imaginary friend, Luca must give up her dreams of being a normal teenager—and a
once-in-an-afterlife romance—or risk breaking the Imaginary world and losing
her best friend.
rules of summer were simple—only one ice cream sandwich per day, no swimming
without appropriate supervision, and always be home before dark. On the day
Luca Grable died, she broke all three. The first two were acts of seven-year
old rebellion. The third was an unintentional side effect of drowning in her
best friend’s pool.
even dying couldn’t keep Luca from growing up. It was one of the perks of
becoming an Imaginary friend instead of going to heaven. She got to keep aging
along with her best friend as long as Katie needed her. And there was nothing
her mentor Math could do about it, no matter how late she was for their weekly
could, however, put her on bathroom duty. Again.
checked her watch as she hauled ass the last few feet to the entrance of
Imaginary House. Ten more minutes and not even being a few months shy of legal
age could save her from scrubbing toilets and bleaching tile grout every
Saturday night for the next month.
flung herself through the front gates, gripping the smooth metal bars for
balance, and shot up the sidewalk. The house cast crooked shadows on the lawn
from the various additions that jutted out at odd angles from the main
building. A few younger Imaginaries chased each other around the half-acre of
thick grass, using the shadows as safe zones. Their laughter pierced the air.
Their knees were stained with grass and dirt and remnants of melted chocolate.

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