Pitch Madness SJ-14: SAVING DANGER

MG Contemporary Fantasy
Word Count:  40,000
Pitch: Lucretia accidentally traps 5-year-old new
stepbrother, Danger, in a comic. She enters its pages to save him. But it’s an
impossible task when he’s in charge of the story and won’t follow any writing
I glared at my
reflection in the hotel mirror. Pepto-Bismol pink glared back at me as I tugged
one of the many ruffles strangling my gown. “It looks like a cupcake vomited on
Grandma Rosa stood
next to the mirror. At the same time, she chuckled and stared at me sternly. An
impressive feat. She responded in her faint Italian accent, “It’s not so
I scowled. “Does
she think I’m the same age as Danger?” In a few short hours, Danger would be my
stepbrother. I didn’t know whether it would be worse to be stuck with him or
his plastic mother for the rest of my life. “I’m thirteen—not five.”
She sighed. “Your
father sure knows how to pick ‘em.” Grandmother pursed her lips, realizing her
comment not only bashed Erin, soon-to-be Stepzilla, but also my real mother.
“What I mean is—”
“Don’t worry
about it, Grandma Rosa.” I ignored the dropping-an-anchor down-my-stomach
sensation that always followed the mention of my real mother and forced a fake
smile. “If this is what she thinks her junior bridesmaid should look like, I
can’t wait to see her gown.” My usual clothes were black like Grandma’s
though mine were younger and less shapeless. Her mourning look was pretty
obvious. “What do you think she’ll say when she sees your dress?”
We didn’t have to wait
long to find out. Erin, her head a mountain of curling iron curls peeked into
the room—without having the courtesy to knock.

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