Pitch Madness SJ-15: BECOMING HERO


YA Magical Realism
Word Count:  80,000
Pitch: Comic-book superhero Skye takes on awful plot twists every
day, but when his parents die in a nasty cliche, he’s had it. He shoots his
author. Will murder save his world, or damn his soul?
Comic-book Universe: Issue
Rain trickles across a fading
green dumpster in a narrow alleyway. A dark shadow, a superhero gone bad,
stalks the rooftops above, heaving a giant gun off his back as he readies it
for his prey.
Skye ignored the stench of the banana
peels and burger wrappers crushed against his face and forced himself to
breathe steady. He clenched his fingers tighter around the bleeding wound in
his shoulder, trying not to think about the infection he’d get from hiding in
the dumpster. Just breathe. In, out. In, out. Any change in that pace,
and his hunter might hear him. Hunter–that’s how he had to think of his best
friend now.
The thought sunk into Skye’s chest
like another punch. Dammit. He squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his
teeth against the hot tears. How could he—
“I suppose you’re wondering how
I could do this to you,” said a soft voice just above him. Skye heard
light footsteps on the dumpster lid, but didn’t reply. Mark had walked past his
hiding places before.
“You can hear me, right? I know
you’re nearby. Please just show yourself. Just end this.”
Skye heard Mark’s feet crunch against
the pavement. He heard the rustle of plastic bags being kicked; a nearby window
“None of this would have
hurt if you’d just let me take you out the first time. I didn’t want your
parents to die. Come on, Skye, you think I wanted Jackie to die for you?”

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