Commercial Fiction
Word Count:  85,000
Pitch: Valentina Philips is a respected curator for the Met.
She’s also a thief. When Luca, former lover/current jewel thief reappears as
she’s mounting a Faberge egg exhibit, she knows it can’t be a coincidence.
I smiled as I led the
group of ten-year olds quietly through the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of
Art. Except for the occasional snicker from a couple of boys as they passed the
naked statues in the Greek hall, they were a well-trained band of future art
historians. Although giving tours to school age children did not fall under my
curatorial responsibilities, I welcomed the opportunity to expose fresh minds
to the museum.  Some jostled for prime viewing positions while a few
others hung farther back, their boredom and restlessness apparent on their
young faces. Although I loved my position at the museum, I’d been feeling the
same way lately. I envied them their candidness.
“This one, the Blue
Serpent Clock Egg is a favorite of mine.  A majority of the eggs held a
surprise. Unfortunately, most of them got lost over the years.”
“Oh, like a box of
Fruity Pebbles!” shouted a young boy.
I continued, “These
Imperial eggs were often referred to as Easter eggs. I bet you’d love to find
something as beautiful as these hiding in the grass at your next Easter egg
This would be my
last tour for a while since I was set to prepare the eggs for exhibit at the
Bargello Museum in Florence.  The expressions on the children’s faces were
priceless as they absorbed the intricacies of the eggs in the showcases. I
remembered the first time I’d seen a Fabergé egg—that sense of joy has never
left me.

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