YA Contemporary
Word Count:  60,000
Pitch: A small-town teen makes a reluctant move to
the Upper East Side and realizes she’s living a twisted retelling of Dorothy’s
travels in Oz—starring her controlling Aunt Emily as the Wicked Witch.
Megan doesn’t even bother
to pull off the road. My ballsy friend parks in the westbound lane of Highway
57, right in front of the barricade. We duck under the police tape and walk as
close as we dare to the crumbled brick and twisted metal remains of Mason
Academy, the small private school we were supposed to graduate from next June.
The air smells
hot, charred, like the stand of blackened trees bordering the now mangled
electrical substation. Mr. Henry’s brand new barn can’t be more than a hundred
yards from the decimation, standing there completely unharmed.
amazing what was hit and what’s left intact, like some petulant giant stomped
down the road, destroying only the structures that lay in its path.
“Mother of shit,”
Megan mumbles, nudging the corner of a mud-caked textbook with her foot. “I
thought I’d be happy to see it this way. Does that make me an ass?”
“You don’t look
She turns to face
me. Her dark eyebrows knit together. “Are you crying?” she asks, starting
toward me. I press my fingers to the corners of my eyes and yeah, I guess I am.
“Thea, stop it.
You’re gonna make me cry.”
I wipe my hands
on the front of my skirt. “We should leave before someone comes,” I tell her.
Megan lifts her
arms, palms up, and takes a 360-degree survey. “I’m surprised we’re the only
ones here.”  

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