Pitch Madness SJ-5: PIECES OF ONE

New Adult Suspense
Word Count:  85,000
Pitch: College student Trista Dividir has no idea she’s
involved with two men and is an unwilling informant for the DEA – but Marvy,
one of her multiple personalities, does.
Stealing the money – easy, since
it’s never hidden very well. Getting out of the house, also easy – as any
experienced liar would know. Making the long drive again – she dripped with
thick, delicious eagerness. 
Marvy finger-tipped the volume up
when one of her favorite songs came on, spilling the tune through the car’s
speakers, vibrating the windows. Sinking back into the velour seat, a rush of
excitement flooded her; it swirled around her like warm silk. Her heart pumped,
rushing the sensation through her in anticipation of the night. Although not
dry, she sicked her lips and held the tip of her tongue with her teeth before
slipping it into her mouth. The taste of apple red lipstick fueled her
pleasure. Her eyes lowered seductively and her left eyebrow arched up. A
closed, smirky smile slowly crossed her lips, and then curved one side up. She
pressed her thighs together basking in the deep, pulsing sensation between
A handsome, yet acne inflicted boy,
opened the car door when Marvy pulled up to the club’s valet. Her dress, being
too tight and short, made her turn sideways, but she spread her legs slightly
more than necessary to exit the car just the same. The clattering of her car
keys hitting the cement made her smile. She purposely released them an inch
from the valet boy’s fingers. A ripple of unscrupulous delight went through
her; the manipulation caused him to have a closer look at her. 

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