Adult Historical Thriller
Word Count:  65,000
Pitch: 1920’s New York City, a desperate female
magician with nothing to lose and everything to gain, a path of murdered
magicians, one hot Italian boxer, another mad magician, all creating A BEAUTIFUL
I’ve become an animal. I
know I’m above this, but if there is one thing I’ve learned it’s this: an empty
stomach will drive even the most dignified person to rummage through a trash
can. I brush a fly from the hard chunk of bread before stuffing it into my
And hate myself for it.
I hunch over the food as
I inhale it, glancing over my shoulder, making sure no one sees me. Just
because I’m an animal doesn’t mean the world needs to know. I straighten up,
square my shoulders, wipe my mouth and slip out of the alleyway into the throng
of bodies too busy getting where they’re going to worry about me.
I leave the disgrace
behind, promising I’ll never degrade myself again by digging through
garbage, but I’m a liar. It’s a promise I’ve been breaking for over a year now.
The smell of roasted peanuts
hits me as I walk into the theater and it makes my mouth water. I gather
my cleaning supplies and attempt to focus on cleaning to get my mind off
the hollow of my belly. Distraction is a hungry person’s best friend and lucky
for me, the theater is full of distractions.
I eye the pile of crushed
peanut shells I’ve swept and with once quick glance around, stuff a handful of
them into my pocket for later, hoping there are more than just shells in there.
As I throw the rest away, my mouth salivates at the thought of the salty shells
on my tongue.

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