Pitch Madness SJ-8: The Murder of Mr. George Wickham


Adult Historical Mystery
Word Count:  66,000
Pitch: At
sixteen, LYDIA BENNETT followed the dissolute WICKHAM into unrestrained
debauchery. Now trapped and destitute, in polite society, divorce is never an
When police investigate Wickham’s murder,
Lydia’s sisters must protect the morally innocent.
Murder is not something well-bred ladies
discuss.  Worse still is to plan and execute such a wicked action.
Still, one must own, that in polite society, a well thought out murder is
always preferable to the scandal of divorce.  It all started with an
ornately carved coffin and a shadow of a former sister…
“We must find some way to help her,” whispered
Jane as she squeezed my hand and her eyes directed at poor Lydia seated in the
back pew.
Jane was no less concerned about Lydia than
me, “After the funeral, we shall try to find a quiet moment,” I whispered back.
Darcy and Bingley, one on each side of us,
frowned at our whispering during a funeral, especially our own mother’s
funeral.  Sufficiently reprimanded like absent minded, naughty children,
we turned our attention back to Mr. Collins and the podium.
Father often joked that we could all be so
lucky as to have Mother die before him but no one expected his words to become
a premonition.  Neither did I expect Father to look so solemn and lost, no
longer his wife and source of amusement to keep him company.
There was a
positive from the funeral, seeing poor Lydia again, though in saying that, she
seemed to have aged well beyond her years. Thankfully, Wickham was notably
absent. More than ten years had past since Lydia ran off with Mr. Wickham and
Jane and I married Bingley and Darcy. During those years, we rarely heard from
her, unless it was to plead for financial help, and saw her even less.

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