Nest Pitch SJ3: The Sandman’s Apprentice


Category/Genre: MG Paranormal

Word Count: 40,000

Pitch: Monsters took her brother; to get him back, twelve-year-old Taryn must become the first female Sandman; travel new realms; and, oh yeah, save the world.

If the MC was an Easter Egg he/she would be: As an egg, Taryn would be filled with eye-twitchingly sour candy to match her personality.


Taryn Jacobson sat on her bed attempting to watch TV through the growing cluster of spit wads clinging to the screen. For a seven-year-old, her little brother Luke had good aim. The air hissed, and another wet ball of slobbery paper hit the TV. It slid down the screen leaving a trail of drool as it landed on the floor. She clenched her jaw and tightened her grip on the bedpost, glad that it provided a barrier between her and her brother.

“Luke, if you don’t cut that out, I’ll never let you in here again,” Taryn said. The television flickered behind the cloud of paper and saliva, forcing Taryn to lean forward and wipe the screen clean. “I told Dad I’d let you stay in here and watch—” Shloop! A large slobbery wad splattered against her cheek cutting her off mid-sentence. “Gah!”

A high pitched giggle let her know that it hadn’t been an accident. Taryn turned and stepped closer to Luke. The light from her bedside lamp cast a shadow over him as Taryn towered over her brother. Occasionally, being five and a half years Luke’s senior came in handy, particularly when it came to height.

“Get. Out.” One hand balled into a fist at her left side while the other pointed at the door. Luke rolled onto his back and laughed, kicking his legs in the air in glee. “Mom!” Taryn shrieked, not taking her eyes from her personal tormentor.

“Luke, be nice to your sister!” Her mom’s voice rang out from the kitchen.

Like her usual response was going to help. Taryn rolled her eyes and dropped her right arm, balling it into a matching fist at her side. Beaming at her, Luke sat back up; his face promised good behavior, but the twinkle in his eye said otherwise.

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