Kickstarter Campaign: The Founding of Josiah Turn

Amanda Salisbury launched a Kickstarter Campaign on June 5, 2014. Her goal: Raise $9,000 in 15 days.

Amanda was on my team for a previous Pitch Madness competition and she is now in the process of self publishing this story.

The Book:

The Founding of Josiah Turn 

Like X-Men, if X-Men were U.S. Civil War prisoners mutated by Confederate experimentation: The Founding of Josiah Turn 

In the late summer of 1888, an unnatural earthquake rocks a mountain deep in Appalachia. The freeze that follows kills every person seventeen-year-old Josiah Turn has ever known. As he journeys into post-Reconstruction America, Josiah knows almost nothing about the world.

His powers are new to him, as are racial tensions and protocols, because the people of his hometown forged a place built on shared secrets and prisoner-of-war bonds. Along his travels, Josiah’s unstable powers, fierce loyalty, and quick temper force him to face himself as victim, hero, and villain. When his parents’ past catches up to him and the military prepares to take the source of his power, Josiah must choose to be the hero so few want or the villain he’s come to expect.

What she has:

  1. a completed manuscript called The Founding of Josiah Turn and
  2. cover art by Melissa Stevens of The Illustrated Author (

What she intends: to digitally publish The Founding of Josiah Turn in November 2014.

What she’s asking from others:

  1. Funds to hire professional freelance editor Chuck Sambuchino ( and
  2. Funds to print a physical edition of the book this winter.

As a stretch goal, Amanda’s seeking funds for a cinematic book trailer by Red 14 Films (

What she’s offering: rewards ranging from her personal adoration to signed books to a “let’s dream together” proposal for the generous uber-donation of $10,000.

This is the world of publishing today – writers, designers, editors, and producers collaborating to bring new literature to market. As a hybrid author – someone who publishes on her own for some projects and with a publisher for others – Amanda can focus on the best collaboration to bring her vision to reality.

And, while technology allows collaborators to connect around the world, Amanda is also building a network of creatives in Oklahoma. Amanda credits Sheradee Hurst ( and Audrey Dodgen ( for her photography and videography. And she enlisted the help of a local book club to beta read her book this May and offer feedback from a reader’s perspective.

To support Amanda Salisbury in her publishing goals, be sure to visit her kickstarted campaign before June 20, 2014.

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