PICK ME! PICK ME! Pitch Wars Mentor Bio

G’Day from Down Under. You are reading this…and I am probably sleeping because  you are probably on the other side of the world to me.

The Pitch Wars process is like this school yard team picking contest where the mentors all start off going “pick me, pick me” and then you guys choose four of us you want to submit to and it’s your turn to be all “pick me, pick me.” 
So this is me, looking at you with pleading eyes, begging you not to leave me off your list if we’re a fit. 
To start off with, a little about me! 
I’m an Aussie writer, published in some anthologies and with a couple of novels looking for a home, as well as a pile of WIPs waiting for me to finish them. My day job is in PR (so if I’m your mentor, and you get an agent, and you get published, I can totally help you with your book promo :D). 
I also intern for a publisher (so I totally see what editors are crushing on).
I used to be a marketing director for a publisher (see two points up).
My writing is across YA, NA and Adult, as well as in a variety of genres – including Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction and Contemporary (so if you write it…I might too).
My literary nickname is The Query Whisperer because when I work on queries, my peeps get requests (so if I help you hone your pitch, you could get tones of requests from agents. My Pitch Wars mentee got the 2nd highest number of requests, and my Pitch Madness teams kick a lot of butt). 
I love cats, superheroes, comics, gaming and my family. 
Onto what to expect from me if I am your mentor. 
I am brutally honest, but not mean about it. I will point out why I love, but I will also point out any character and plot issues to make sure that your MS will be the best that it can be. I will also help you with your pitch. I will also be there for you after the contest is done. 
What am I looking for?
Categories: YA and/or NA only. 
Genres: Anything goes. And I mean anything. 
I am open to any genre, and if you actually can’t pin down a genre then I REALLY will want to see it. I love:
Dark books – thrillers, sci-fi, contemporaries. 
I love funny books – humour is a big deal for me. 
EDIT: You can see my tweets about more specific wish lists on my twitter feed and on my Pinterest Board

Here’s some books/authors I adore to give you an idea of my book-loving diversity:

  • Curse Worker Series 
  • Lux Series
  • Across the Universe
  • Anything by Courtney Summers
  • Losing It
  • Before I Fall
  • Easy
  • The Falconer
  • Forget Me Not
  • Dark Inside
  • Sweet Evil


Some things I don’t love:
  • Ridiculously high word counts. 
  • Confusing pitches. 
  • Weak openings


So come and surprise me! Looking forward to seeing you in my inbox…hopefully…if you chose me…
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