Meet #TeamDarkSide: Meagan Rivers #PitchMadness

Meagan Rivers is one of my favourite writing peeps. This wonderful lady introduced me to Courtney Summers, one of the few authors that is an instant buy for me. Meagan pushes me, challenges me and makes me a better person. She is also an amazing writing and a returning reader for me. She pulled some gems out of the slush last year, so get ready for her to do it again! 

Tell the Pitch Madness hopefuls a bit about yourself:
Hi hello, I’m a 27 year old from Denver, Colorado. I
spend most of my time looking for work, eating lots of zucchini, lifting heavy weights, and daydreaming about enchiladas. 
What do you write?:

Stories about angry teenage girls. The more displaced feeling, the better! I’m very fond of realistic YA and NA, and have a soft spot for well executed magical realism.

Where do you get your inspiration from?:
Real life, or small snippets of other works. Also, a
lot of the times when I’m washing dishes, my mind wanders and that’s where some of the better ideas come from.
What are you currently reading?:
Describe your perfect read?:
A thick exploration of the ups and downs of girl
friendships, steeped with some darkness (mental illness, recovery, things like that) and some amount of mystical writing. Think Jessica Warman meets Courtney Summers meets Nova Ren Suma.
What are you waiting for someone to write that hasn’t
been written yet?:
A YA interpretation of Dolly Parton’s classic song
Pitch Madness is all about connecting writers with
agents by finding gems in the slush – what stories are you hoping to see?:
I’m hoping to see brand new ideas that bring forth what the writing community has been harping on this past year. Diversity — but not for the sake of diversity. A step away from the usual. And in terms of YA specifically, I want to see atypical romances. No more nerd girl and football star, outcast and popular girl. Give me something new.
If you could have dinner with three authors, who would
they be?:
Lorrie Moore, Courtney Summers, and C.K. Kelly
What book do you wish you had written?:
Lorrie Moore’s Self Help. 
What’s your favourite movie adaption of a book?:
Judy Blume’s Tiger Eyes was made into a really
compelling movie. I think it’s still on Netflix, so if you’re a Judy Blume fan, I’d recommend taking a gander.
What 2015 release are you anticipating the most?:
It’s so hard to say. I’m dying to get my hands on ALL
THE RAGE, but THIS SIDE OF HOME by Renee Watson is really close behind it. 
Rapid Fire Questions:
Yellow, Purple, Green?: YELLOW
Kombi, Porsche, Bike?: Bike.
Marshmallow, Liquorice, Cupcake?: liquorice!
Unicorn, Gremlin or Cat?: Cat.
You can find Meagan here.


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