Helpful Info For #NestPitch


Novel Word Count:

Although we are not going to eliminate anyone w does not match the below, we recommend you try to follow as closely as possible the suggested word-count. The to – from word-count is a guide only and takes into consideration genre variations (for example fantasy genre novels tend to be on the longer side).


ADULT:                     70,000 – 115,000

NEW ADULT :          60, 000 – 90,000

YOUNG ADULT:     50,000 – 80,000

MIDDLE GRADE:    25,000 – 45,000


Your pitch:

  • Don’t be vague! (remember the slush readers and mentors know NOTHING about your story).
  • Proof read your pitch! (Mistakes could cost you a spot)
  • Get others to read your pitch! (Just like you have beta readers for your story, you should have them for your pitch too).
  • Make the stakes clear and non-generic. (End of the world/death of MC are becoming a bit overdone).
  • Don’t introduce too many character names.
  • But make sure you introduce the MC’s character name.
  • Avoid questions in the pitch – statements are much stronger. Example: Can Mariah save him before he’s turning into a rabbit. Mariah has to save him before he’s turned into a rabbit.



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