#NestPitch SJ3: Between Sound and Silence

Manuscript Title: Between Sound and Silence

Category/Genre: YA/Sci-Fi Romance

Word Count: 76,000

If your MC was an Easter Egg, what flavor would s/he be?  I’ve got a hard chocolate shell, but inside I’m all gooey caramel thanks to Callan.

35-Word Pitch: Born on Mayflower space station with extrasensory hearing, straight-laced Honor plans to flee to Earth, but her twin disappears. To find him she’s forced to trust a drool-worthy rebel who thinks rules are just suggestions.

First 300 words of Manuscript:

Most people think space is silent. Space isn’t silent. It speaks to me all the time. The turbulence of burning stars and the grinding metallic groans of The Mayflower whirring as it lopes around the Earth below—they can’t hear it, but I do.

Today, like always, it starts without warning. The siren blasts through the station, tumbling down the metal corridor, curling around the Node as I’m waiting to catch the Needle. Crap.

If I had normal hearing I don’t think I could tell, but since I’m me, I literally feel the signal. It’s layered with buzzes and clangs that reverberate exponentially until I’m doubled over in torment. I flatten my hands over my earplugs but it doesn’t filter out the piercing tone that lies at the heart of the sound. My head throbs in time to the siren as it blares over and over and over.

There’s a temporary reprieve when a disembodied robotic voice announces, “This is our weekly drill. Emergency protocol for Situation Blue.”

  1. Get the nearest Oxygen Distribution Panel.
  2. Secure the mask over my mouth and nose.
  3. Wait for instructions or the all-clear signal.

The Distribution panel isn’t far, but I can’t even crawl ten feet to get there. When the siren begins again, all I can do is scrunch into the fetal position and stare at the crescent moon shape someone sketched on the wall.

Deep underneath the siren my ears pick up scraping metal sounds. Shiny black shoes scuffle forward as I face the inevitable blackout that will land me precisely where I don’t want to go. Then darkness envelops me.


I was right. Before I open my eyes, I can tell I’m in the Infirmary. Beeps and whirs bounce around me mixing with the zesty scent of antiseptic.

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