#Nestpitch2015 The Agent Round!


Welcome to the agent round of nestpitch. This is it, the one you’ve been waiting for.

Entries have been polished and primed and TeamEvilBunny have worked beyond the first 300 words to make sure they’re looking sparkly.

#TEAMEVILBUNNY’s picks are as follows:

SJ1 – The Caterpillar Girl

SJ2 – Our Reasons

SJ3 – Between Sound and Silence

SJ4 – Dead Wrestlers

SJ5 – Silence

There are, of course, eight other teams, but really – you’ll find the best picks here!








Some more details:

Only agents will be able to comment on the entries. It’ll be a secret agent round so the comments will be moderated – they won’t be published right away!

The agent round will begin 8.30 am EST (USA) and go on for 24 hours.

The requests will be made according to the following list:

Choc. egg basket w/ ribbon = Full
Choc. egg basket = Query + 150 pages + 1 page Synopsis
3 Boxes Caramel eggs  = Query + 100 pages
2 Boxes Caramel eggs = Query + 75 pages + 1 page Synopsis
1 Box Caramel eggs = Query + 50 pages
1 doz. nougat filled Choc. eggs = Query + 25 pages + 1 page Synopsis
½ doz. nougat filled Choc. eggs  = Query + 20 pages
1x nougat filled Choc. egg = Query + 15 pages + 1 page Synopsis
1 doz. hollow Choc eggs = Query + 10 pages
½ doz. hollow Choc eggs = Query + 5 pages + 1 page Synopsis
1x hollow Choc egg = Query + 5 pages

Be SURE to look at the main Nest Pitch blog which has all the information you’ll ever need about what’s happening.

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