I Have News!! *Drumroll*

A lot of you would know that in March there’s a little GIGANTIC Twitter Pitch contest called #Pitmad where you get to pitch the Twitterverse with your completed and polished MS and see who bites when they favourite your tweet. No pressure.


I decided to put my NA novel SLEEPER out as part of #PitMad and this happened:


That favourite turned into a full request from City Owl Press. And then I got an email from City Owl Press’ Executive Editor/Chief Executive Officer, Tina Moss, with an offer. I instantly felt a connection with her editorial style and loved what City Owl Press has to offer me as an author.


I’m so excited to finally announce that I have officially signed with City Owl Press and that my NA novel with an anticipated release in Winter 2015. The novel is so special to me and I’m so excited it’s found a come with an exciting new indie press that offers great support to authors with an editor that is loves my Aussieness and who is going to push me to make my story shine.

You can also read about this great news here on City Owl Press’ website.

If you’re interested in subbing to City Owl Press check out how with on their submission page.

I’d like to  to thank my good friend Brenda Drake for creating #PitMad. This Twitter Pitch contest gives authors the opportunity to connect with agents and publishers that they might not have even queried because they didn’t know the agent/editor was looking for what they had on offer. I’m proud to be a #PitMad success story. If you haven’t participated in the past I hope you will. There are two more scheduled for 2015 and you can find information on them here.

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