Pitch Madness SJ11: Clandestine Menagerie

Genre: YA High Fantasy

Word Count: 79,000

Pitch: Master Deziderius’ Floating Circus manipulates the flying cities for their despotic Sky King, but when the big top’s shapeshifting star, Rhee, discovers she’s who they’re really deceiving, her secrets might bring them all crashing down.


I’m losing the sense of the bicycle. The pedals beneath my tentacles taste like dead wood and metal.

I hate my job so much sometimes.

When a wineglass flies at my head, I snag it out of the air with one of my eight appendages—just like I’m supposed to. It may only be a short act, but working a bicycle while trying to catch things when you’re a giant land octopus is the worst.

I just have to hold on a little bit longer. One more lap and I’m off to become a unicorn. Unicorns are easier. More intelligent. They’re as close to normal as you can get and still look like an animal.

There’s nothing normal about an octopus.

All my instincts tell me to ditch the bike and climb to the far corner of the tent. It wouldn’t take much to fade to the same bone white as the big top’s canvas. I’d be practically invisible.

No, one more lap. That’s all.

There’s an icy vein of fear running through the crowd, seeping into me. Dez knows how hard octopus instincts are for me to control. When the crowd is this afraid it’s almost impossible. If he’d told me they had a big job tonight I would have reminded him.

I still can. All I have to do is give him the signal.

Except—I don’t remember the signal.

The audience keeps looking at me. Always looking. Like predators. Predators everywhere. In the stands. Waiting backstage. Coming for me.

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