Pitch Madness SJ13: Final Detention

Genre: Adult Horror

Word Count: 71,000

Pitch: Gwen’s night of celebration is cut short when she and four fellow graduates are kidnapped by two scorned faculty members intent on performing a daring social experiment that not everyone will survive.


The curve of the blade shimmered under the fluorescent bulbs, the light catching the polished metal. Old friends reacquainted after years apart. Desperate for the warmth it radiated, the knife seemed to shift on its own, arching its back end, raising the front tip closer to the glow. He assisted its sunbathing attempt, lifting it off of the fabric it laid on and holding it in direct path of the beam.

This was the part he loved most. The final cleaning of the tools, the final checking of provisions. At last the long awaited night was within reach. It was all a matter of hours now and these preparations were the beginning of the end.

Standing beside the workman’s table, he gazed at the weaponry and smiled. Beautiful pieces with edges so sharp and prime for slicing. After four years he’d finally get to experiment, to play with them. He dreamed about what they would feel like clasped within his palm. 1,461 days of wondering. Tomorrow he would see if reality lived up to the fantasy. Time was a tricky bitch. There were months when the date appeared to be ages away and others when it felt right around the corner. Days when he swore the calendar added on extra weeks to spur his patience. An early test, no doubt. They were always watching. Sticklers to the rules and traditions instilled over the years. Not one to draw unwanted attention and ruin what he waited so long for, he set about the tasks as planned.

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