Pitch Madness SJ14: Crisis Agent

Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 109, 000

Pitch: Casey Graves, a workaholic agent, must decide between killing an innocent man and a promotion that makes her immortal, where failure to obey her boss, Nemesis, Greek Goddess of Revenge, results in fatal severance pay.


I let him keep the red Ferrari for an entire week before I blew it sky high. Of course, I waited until he was in the neighbour’s wife before I detonated, effectively killing two birds with one stone as they call it. At the time of detonation, I stood on an isolated plateau overlooking the gated community that harboured the privileged below.

At my feet, the cliff dropped off abruptly, as if one of the gods had taken an axe to the mountain, shearing off its face. I peered over the edge, judging the drop to the lush mountainside dotted with luxury homes. Across the harbour, Van City shimmered like a high noon heat wave in Death Valley.

A premonitory silence introduced the sun’s competition, and a fireball seared upwards, cranking the heat on an already hot August afternoon with a deep, thunder-like boom. The death cloud shot up into the heavens, the yellow and orange flames on a rampage for oxygen, licking over each other like lions fighting over scraps.

The shimmer of the blast wave pulsed outwards. The explosion echoed into the rock face beneath my feet and rocketed through my body. A millisecond later the supersonic shock wave hit me, slapping me back savagely before blowing gently across my face, lingering like a lover’s last caress. Then the blast wind whipped back, mussing up my long hair. I caught a runaway strand, tucked it behind my ear and surveyed my work with pride.

You get what you deserve.

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