Pitch Madness SJ15: The Paris Twin

Genre: Adult Thriller

Word Count: 78,000

Pitch: GONE GIRL meets Amanda Knox, Paris: Shayna learns her sister is dead. Upon arrival, a note in their twin language says otherwise. Shayna must determine who abducted her twin and why, before they abduct her.


Come to Paris. Your sister is dead.

The rest of the words from Sebastien’s email asking me to come and clean out Angela’s apartment all fade against these opening sentences. If ever there was a more stark framing of the facts, I’ve never seen it.

“On est arrivé, mademoiselle.” We’re here. The taxi driver speaks to me through the rearview mirror, an Arabic accent marking his speech. My French was never as good as Angela’s, but I get by.

I lock my phone screen then count out exact change, placing it in his weathered hand. That’s one thing I truly appreciate about Europe. Unlike illogical American coins, Euros correlate in size to their value. Whose idea was it to have the dime smaller than the nickel and twice its worth?

“Merci, monsieur.” I climb from the car, turning in time to catch his greedy eyes leave my ass. The door slams a bit harder than I intended but I don’t look back.

Groups of people move across the open square of the Pigalle metro stop in twos and threes. As if the buddy system is obligatory in Paris in the summer, everything is better with someone else. A breath whooshes out of me as twin girls skip rope by a fountain sculpture. Persephone reigns over cement spouts, her carved expression howling with sadness exaggerated by long drips of pigeon shit.

The first email from Sebastien seemed excessive. I ignored it. Your sister is missing, you must come to Paris to look for her.


7 thoughts on “Pitch Madness SJ15: The Paris Twin

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  2. Throwing The Mega Mushroom at this entry. Can’t wait to read!
    Melissa Jeglinski, The Knight Agency

  3. Adding this ninja attack on behalf of Jessica at Golden Wheat Literary:
    I’d like to request that these (to follow) send their full manuscript attached as a Word document, plus synopsis (with spoilers) of the manuscript their subbing, and short mention of any other works they have completed to Jessica@GoldenWheatLiterary.com

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