Pitch Madness SJ4: Davy Jones, Pirate-Hater

Genre: MG Fantasy

Word Count: 72,000

Pitch: To save his dad from a fire-breathing pirate king, a descendant of Davy Jones must make a dangerous deal with a sea goddess—the same deal that cost his ancestors their souls.


Davy Jones the Twelfth absolutely hated pirates.

Reason #1: The Question.

“Davy Jones?” his classmates—and teachers, and bus drivers, and secretary ladies—would snicker. “You’re named after that pirate? The barnacle guy—the one with all the tentacles on his face?”

It never mattered that Davy was a normal eleven-year-old boy with a normal, untentacled face. Nor that in the actual legends, “Davy Jones” wasn’t a pirate or a person at all. Within a week of Davy moving somewhere new for his father’s job, everyone at school was quite certain he had a barnacle farm in his armpit and was in love with a sea hag.

Reason #2: Talk like a Pirate Day.

Which, for anyone within a ten-mile radius of Davy Jones, was every day. A sample:

Arrrrrgggg arrrrgggg arrrrgggg aye matey arrrrgggg arrrrgggg arrrrgggg arrrrgggg scallywag arrrrgggg arrrrgggg arrrrgggg arrrrgggg shiver me timbers arrrrgggg arrrrgggg arrrrgggg arrrrgggg ye scurvy dogs arrrrgggg arrrrgggg arrrrgggg arrrrgggg yo ho yo ho arrrrgggg arrrrgggg arrrrgggg a pirate’s life fer me arrrrgggg arrrrgggg ARRRRGGGG.

That was just roll call.

Reason #3: Lockers.

Not only did Davy have one, but he was frequently stuffed inside of it. Sometimes by bullies. Sometimes by himself in order to hide from the bullies. Either way it was to the relentless amusement of everyone when Davy Jones was stuck inside of his own locker, particularly if they had stowed something smelly in there first.

Reason #4: Bucket Island, Massachusetts.

…This one will take a while to explain.

7 thoughts on “Pitch Madness SJ4: Davy Jones, Pirate-Hater

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  2. Secret ninja attack! I’d love to read the first 100 pages of this. Please email me at carrie(at)prospectagency(dot)com with the subject line PITCH MADNESS REQUEST. Thanks!

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