Pitch Madness SJ6: Suits

Genre: YA Adventure

Word Count: 73,000

Pitch: Dominating reconnaissance training isn’t the only challenge ahead for Alice. Her austere sister wants to make her a mini-me clone, paramilitary factions hunt her, and her dreams just might be more real than she’ll admit.


I wish I had somebody to bet against, because I can just feel Foster Mama gearing up for another lecture. Her hands have been wringing her pleather purse to death for the last half hour. Twenty bucks says she’s starts in on it in the next two minutes.

“He should be here by now,” she says, looking at her watch then reestablishing her death clutch on her purse.

When we arrived at the courthouse a full hour ago, it was no surprise that my lawyer wasn’t yet here. Typical. No state-sanctioned suit is worth his salt. But now my case number is drawing nearer, and he still hasn’t shown. It’s not like he would have hit traffic. Archibold, Kansas isn’t exactly going to be gridlocked at eleven in the morning on a Tuesday.

I find myself smirking as I maintain eye contact with a floor that’s trying real hard to look like granite. The floor succeeds about as well at that as I do at appearing like somebody a judge wouldn’t throw into juvie. I’ve got a bit of black eye still from “the encounter that shall not be named” with Foster Sister thirty-three last week (apparently she didn’t like being told that see-through body-hugging leggings were the only reason Mr. Basketball likes her. But I didn’t expect her to throw a blow dryer at me. Of course, she didn’t expect me to hit back either. It’s a classic case of “you should see the other guy.”)

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