Pitch Madness SJ7: The Glass Sisters

Genre: YA Speculative Fiction

Word Count: 83,000

Pitch: When Rebecca’s charismatic reflection entices the 17-year-old wallflower into abandoning her crap life, confinement in an asylum exploiting girls with extraordinary abilities will either force Rebecca out of her shell, or break her in it.


The Girl in the Mirror

Imprisoned within the silence of the box, the girl sat alone, solitary confinement her natural state of existence. She sat on the sterile room’s floor with her legs criss-crossed, head bowed, a slip of rectangle-glass clutched neatly in the palm of her hand. The intensity of her gaze reflected back at her.

She concentrated.

Her breath a metronome, in and out, the rhythm helping her focus. Her head hurt—pressure squeezing in from her temples making her eyes water—but it always did right before she made the connection. Then, when the connection went live, sweet release as swift and forgiving as plucking a splinter the size of a railroad spike from the center of her brain.

The glass she held no longer just a glass, but a window. Her reflection no longer her own. What was displayed in the glass was her face, but it was not her. It was a her that could have been, a her that may yet be.

Still, the girl hated what she saw all the same.

Oh, how the other her looked so content, so safe. So smug. She glared into the mirror studiously, trying to replicate the other girl’s half-hearted smile, but it felt crooked on her own face, as out of place as she herself was.

She watched the other her intently, and when she could take no more, when the pain of watching became too great, she severed the connection.

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