Pitch Madness SJ17: Two

Genre: Adult Science Fiction

Word Count: 70,000

Pitch: When Jeremiah agrees to be cloned in an illegal experiment, he’s only in it for the money. But when his double starts ruining his life, he realizes there’s only room for one of them.


When the fourth suicide was reported on the 5 a.m. news, Jeremiah knew it was going to be one hell of a Monday. This time it wasn’t just another junkie who’d killed himself under the influence of Meld, it was a 42-year old housewife from New Jersey. She had stabbed herself in the neck with a letter opener while in the throes of an intimate moment with her husband. This was going to be a PR nightmare, and it was Jeremiah’s job to make it go away.

He closed his eyes and ran a hand through tangled hair as he fumbled to turn off the radio on the bedside table. Diana was still asleep next to him, and Louie had somehow managed to slink unnoticed onto the foot of the bed in the middle of the night, breaking Diana’s number one dog rule. Jeremiah sat up, scratched the dog’s head, and nudged him off.

“Sorry, pal,” he said.

He stood up and switched on the TV, keeping the volume down so not to wake his wife. The Meld suicide was all over the networks. By now, he knew, it was exploding on social media, too. And his cell was ringing.

“God dammit,” he muttered.

Meld was supposed to be ViGen bio-tech’s golden goose. The first true neuro-transfer drug with medical implications that would translate to billions in profit. When taken jointly, the drug allowed psychiatric doctors to literally share thoughts with their patients for a comprehensive and totally objective analysis.

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