Pitch Madness SJ8: The Sky Prisoner

Genre: YA Fantasy

Word Count: 95,000

Pitch: After breaking out of prison, a sixteen-year-old dragon thief risks her life and newfound freedom in a competition against the city’s most wanted criminals for the throne of the criminal underworld.


Valina hated her prison cell set a thousand feet in the air, but she didn’t want to fall out of it either. Instead she writhed from side to side in fake pain, as if her stomach lurched with the motion of the cell. Valina kept perfect track of her time. And she was certain that tonight marked the end of her second year in prison. Only eight more years left if she wasn’t breaking out of the dreaded Sky Prisons tonight. She squinted through the honeyed haze of the setting sun, spotting two approaching guards.

The guard closest to her muttered an incantation that stopped the gentle swaying of her cell. Valina forced her body to still completely. Even with her eyes now closed, she knew every corner of her little cell. From the crown of her head to the tips of her feet. That was the size of it. Due to her less than average height, Valina stood in her cell without much difficulty. Though the other criminals, the ones bigger in size, had it worse.

Wings flapped outside her cell; Valina convulsed as if in deep pain.

“What’s wrong with her?” one of the guards asked the other.

“This is Zeaki Vallomir’s daughter,” the other replied. “Who knows what goes on inside the bodies of half-breeds?”

Valina opened her eyes just a fracture. The guards hovered outside the little locked door. Their leathery city-issued wings beat behind them. Nut-browned and wrinkled, the wings were woven out of some poor animal’s hide and enchanted to their spines.

3 thoughts on “Pitch Madness SJ8: The Sky Prisoner

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  2. Secret ninja attack! I’d love to read the first 100 pages of this. Please email me at carrie(at)prospectagency(dot)com with the subject line PITCH MADNESS REQUEST. Thanks!

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