Pitch Madness SJ 1: Me vs. the Multiverse

Genre: MG Humourous Science Fiction

Word Count: 50,000

Pitch: The next time your evil duplicate from a parallel world steals your life, there’s an easy fix: Recruit a team of slightly less evil duplicates to fight back.


Nobody on this world could possibly know about that time you went sleepwalking and peed in your tub of Legos. But there it is in a note scrawled on the paper airplane you just found by your bedroom window:

Hi Me,

Yes, you. You’re me, and I’m you.

Don’t believe me? Here’s proof. This is stuff only we would know:

1. After peeing in our Lego container while sleepwalking when we were six, we dumped the pieces in the dishwasher. Lego Yoda’s lightsaber broke the dishwasher pump and we got in serious trouble with Mom and Dad.

2. We’ve had the Wonder Pets theme song stuck in our heads at least one day every week of our lives since we first saw the show at age four.

3. We had a crush on Jessie the cowgirl the first time we saw Toy Story II. This embarrasses us deeply. Also, we’d never fess up to anyone that the end of Toy Story III always makes us cry. So do most Pixar movies. Except maybe Planes.

Anyway, learn more about what we have in common by coming to the Janus Hotel after school today. I’ll explain more soon.

Ours sincerely,


That’s not the only weirdness going on here. This note—which you’ve never seen before in your life—is written in your handwriting. Not the “neat” writing you attempt for teachers, but the unreadable scrawl you use the rest of the time. Plus, whoever made this plane used a special fold you invented and thought nobody else knew how to do.

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