Pitch Madness SJ12: Lucy and the Sunshine Girl

Genre: New Adult Fantasy

Word Count: 71,000

Pitch: Lucy hates being dead. The only positive is her pregnant wife. The afterlife is no place to raise a baby. If they hack the afterlife’s system, they might return to Earth or go to Hell.


Wet, heavy flakes float down as I lug my basket of clothes through the empty parking lot. It’s late evening and the campus is a ghost town. My no-good awful first semester of college has finally come to an end.

I lie down and make a snow angel. The wet snow creeps through my clothes onto my skin. The dampness will make the long drive home miserable, but I feel so peaceful looking up at the stars.

What would happen if I stayed here on the ground and froze to death? Would I wake up with wings on my back and become a real-life snow angel? Maybe I’d boil in a cauldron of hell-fire, doomed for all eternity with all the other knuckleheads who made really bad decisions. I don’t normally think about the afterlife, but death fascinates me tonight.

Four months ago I arrived on campus with high hopes. I had been valedictorian of my tiny high school, ninth in state in cross country. Not the prom queen, but very popular. Never drank, never did drugs. An honest-to-God virgin. College was going to be super-awesome.

The snow melts lazily on my nose and eyelashes. How long would I have to lie here before the snow completely covers me?
Four months, thirteen lovers. Nine men, four women. Five if you count my roommate. How did I become such a slut? Intro to Women’s Studies professor: “Never use the word slut. Say ‘promiscuous,’ but even that word is fraught with moral baggage.”

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