Pitch Wars Road Show – Australia


Pitch Wars is an amazing contest developed by Brenda Drake. The online pitching event is held annually, and has resulted in many authors being agented and published. The Pitch Wars Roadshow is a modified version of the process that is presented as a workshop at conferences, festivals and conventions, and is delivered by an official Pitch Wars mentor. The workshop has been delivered at Romantic Times, RWA, and Conflux.

The Pitch Wars Roadshow is perfect for any events where writers have the opportunity to pitch agents or editors.

Pitching and querying is an art. Being able to convey a whole story in a 140 character tweet, a thirty-five-word pitch, or a couple of paragraphs. The Pitch Wars Roadshow Australia will provide writers with the basic fundamental required to craft an effective pitch and query, and then take writers through the practical process of preparing a pitch and query for their work. The presenters will have time set aside to help writers hone their pitch and query in this workshop.

At the end of the workshop, each participant should have a polished pitch/query/a group of Twitter Pitches that they can use in the their quest to attract a literary agent/publisher. In addition to this, the presenters will provide attendees with a list of international pitch contests and the categories they are open to, as well as strategies for successful participation in Twitter Pitch contests. This makes the workshop suitable for not only those wanting to pitch at your event, but also for writers who wish to participate in online pitch events.

To enquiry about Pitch Wars Roadshow Australia email sharon.j.pitchwars@gmail.com with details of your event.