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Kittens help you write!

Not a kitten from the site, but my kitty, Nermal

A wonderful friend of mine shared this link with me and it’s too good not to share:

Written Kitten

This fantastic site gives you a new kitten for every 100 words you write.

I think I’m going to be increasing my daily¬†word counts now!

While I’ve still be posting on YAtopia, Down Under Wonderings has been a bit neglected. I’ve been throwing myself into a rewrite of Mishca, which is now called Sleeper, based on feedback I received through a pitch session at the CYA Conference in Brisbane (my pitch session was from last year – it scored my a full request and I recently got the feedback and an offer to resubmit – woo hoo). I’m also working on a contemporary YA story and lots of brainstorming.

So now, I’m jumping back into editing and writing. Have fun!