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Dirty Rainbow

Jenna is afraid of mechanyns, but she should be afraid of the person who ordered their creation—her mother.

 Mechanyns freak out seventeen-year-old Jenna McBride, even though her mother assures her they are mindless androids used since the extinction of males. And as the Australian leader, High Chancellor McBride should be in the know. That doesn’t stop Jenna from losing it when a mechanyn unit takes Jenna’s best friend away for treatment after a horrific fall. Her grief compounds when she discovers her mother attempting to slip her a memory altering drug to keep her from finding out the truth: her best friend will never return. With the help of her new next-door neighbour, Ashley, Jenna tries to find out why the woman she has idolised her whole life would take such a drastic measure.

 Sleuthing together leads to kissing Ashley and bonding over a shared fear of mechanyns. Jenna uncovers more than she bargained for. The girl she’s fallen for is on the Australia’s most wanted list. When she’s mistakenly captured by mechanyns hunting her girlfriend, Jenna discovers the grisly truth about the disappearance of her best friend, Ashley’s secret and her mother’s role in it all. She must choose between betraying family loyalty and exposing her mother as a monster, or complying with ‘mother knows best,’ condemning her love from painful experimentation and her best friend from a fate worse than death.

 Dirty Rainbow is a Science Fiction novel complete at 60,000 words with series potential that could be described as Cinder meets Romeo and Juliet minus the double suicide. It would appeal to fans of These Broken Stars and Uglies.