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Lynda Locke Rocks!

My mum is an amazing woman. I talked about her a little bit in my Romantic Times Wrap Up post, but that doesn’t do her justice. She needs a whole post just for herself.

We lost Dad in 2010. Dad was Mum’s soulmate, and his loss had a huge impact on us all. But my mum managed to come to terms with Dad’s death and focused on living. She has had some fantastic travelling adventures, a lot of with a wished I was part of because I had never been overseas.

When my publisher asked me if I was interested in coming to Romantic Times in Las Vegas, I knew it was a trip I would struggle to make alone, especially with my OCD. I immediately asked Mum if she wanted to come with me, and she said yes (then we both realise I hadn’t even given my husband the option of coming with me!).

Mum helped me calmly navigate through customs and all the planning for the event. Then in Las Vegas she became a book pimp and totally sold me to people at every chance she got. Having an advocate with me was fantastic. She also was a good sport and jumped into photos with hot guys for me writer friends whenever I asked her to.

She also loved RT from a reader’s perspective, getting to attend sessions when she wasn’t doing official author assistant duties.

Mum – you are amazing, and I would have you as my author assistant any time. Love you.


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