After the Madness Workshop – sign up now!

Brenda Drake, Shelly Walters and Cassandra Marshall recently help a PitchMadness contest where agents got to bid on 60 pitches posted on three blogs.



When reading the PitchMadness entries, they noticed the entries that didn’t make it to the agent match was because the first words weren’t hooking them. There wasn’t a unique element to pull them in, the setting was right but the action was too familiar, or the story started in the wrong place. So they decided to do another workshop focusing solely on the opening page.



And YAtopia (my group blog) jumped in to help, joining Brenda Drake, Shelley Watters and Erica Chapman in critiquing your opening words on the four sites this month. On YAtopia you could get a critique from either myself, Sarah Nicolas, Kelley York or Leigh Fallon.

Eric Chapman

Here how it’s going down…

If you want to join in sign up on the linky below. Remember your entry will be placed on the blogs and critiqued not only by us but also by your peers. We’re accepting up to 40 60 participants. We’ll be critiquing two each per day starting March 26. Depending on the success, we may open another round at a later date. After you sign up on the linky below email your first 250 words of your manuscript (finished or unfinished – any genre) to Again, don’t wait. Email your entries right away.

Only the first 40 60 will make it into the workshop, so hurry and sign-up now!

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