#PitMad Twitter Party Workshop

First up, thank you so much to everyone who gave Team Smartie support during Pitch Madness. It was such an awesome ride again. You can see my team listed on this post here. Please read each one and give them some love.

Now, if you plan of entering the Pitch Madness Twitter After Party, aka #PitMad, then you need to hone your pitches. Yes, PITCHES. Don’t just have one. You can post twice an hour so vary it up.

If you’d like help you can find it here on my blog, but here’s the rules:

  1. You need to post your full query and your draft pitches (130 words including #PitMad). 
  2. You MUST comment on at least two other entries to provide feedback.

So, here’s an example of the process.

My query for my YA SciFi Dirty Rainbow:

Cyborgs freak out Jenna McBride. Her mother and her bestie, Hetty, assure her cyborgs are simply mindless drones used for labour since men became extinct. As the Australian head-of-state, Jenna’s mother should know.

When Hetty has a horrific fall, cyborgs take her mangled body away for treatment. Her mother attempts to alter Jenna’s memories to ensure she doesn’t learn the truth: Hetty will never return. With the help of her neighbour, Ashley, Jenna investigates why her mother would take such a drastic measure. But Ashley has a secret too; she’s on Australia’s most-wanted list. Falling for Jenna is hazardous for their health.

In her search for answers, Jenna discovers the grisly truth about Hetty’s disappearance, cyborg creation, and her mother’s role in it all. But she also puts Ashley in danger. Jenna must choose: family loyalty, or save Hetty and Ashley from the woman who raised her.

And here’s a sample of just some of the pitches I created from that.

Your mum should love you, care for you and protect you. Not erase your memory and arrest your girlfriend. But Jenna’s does SciFi

Cyborgs shouldn’t freak out Jenna. They are just mindless
drones created for labour after the extinction of men, right? YA SciFi (Scored a request)

Extinction of men didn’t stop women. They perfected
procreation, developed drone cyborgs for
labour&created Utopia, at a price. YA

When Jenna finds her GF’s name on her mum’s
undesirable list with a capture order she must decide between family and love YA SciFi (Scored a request)

Men extinct? No worries, use drone cyborgs for manual
labour. Mindless androids devoid of feelings. Then one waves at Jenna YA SciFi

Don’t be an imperfect. Don’t be scared of cyborgs. Don’t
fall for the country’s no.1 wanted when your mum is the leader YA SciFi

Another example using my debut novel SLEEPER.

The Blurb:

A new heart should mean new life, not a living nightmare. 

Mishca Richardson’s life is at an all-time high after her heart transplant. With new boyfriend, Ryder, the two of them have the perfect summer romance. Even the nightmares that have been plaguing her sleep since her operation can’t dull the high she’s on. 

Things start to unravel as Mishca develops superhuman abilities. She does her best to hide them so as not to end up a science experiment in a lab. But she can’t ignore the instant attraction she experiences when she meets her university professor, Colin Reed. 

Torn between the blossoming love and the obsession, Mishca must decide if she wants Ryder or Colin. But the organization responsible for her changes and her connection to Colin, is moving to secure Mishca so that she can be the weapon he always intended her to be. If Mishca can’t resist her programming she’ll have a lot more to worry about than romance.

Some potential Twitter pitches:

After a heart-transplant Mishca turns into regular superhuman. She tries to hide them, but how long until her maker finds her
#PitMad NA
A new heart should mean new life, not a living nightmare. Mishca is about to find out just how evil love-at-first-sight can be. #PitMad NA

Mishca discovers love-at-first-sight is no fairytale, it’s a living nightmare, when she falls for her uni professor. #PitMad

So add your query and draft pitches below and I’ll give you some feedback. Don’t forget to Pay-It-Forward with others.

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