Meet #TeamDarkSide: Jeyn Roberts

I’m so happy to be part of Pitch Madness again this year. Over the next week I’ll be introducing you to my team so you can find out a bit more about us!

First is my co-host Jeyn Roberts. Jeyn has been an amazing friend to me for several years. We met on a writing site called Inkpop (that was bought out by Figment). We clicked, stayed in touch – despite living on opposite sides of the world. Her stories, Dark Inside and Rage within scared the beejeebus out of me, in a good way. And now I get to read her work before it hits the bookstore shelves (or the eBook website). 

So here’s Jeyn!

Tell the Pitch Madness hopefuls a bit about yourself.  

I’m Jeyn Roberts. I’m the author of the Dark Inside series and The Bodies We Wear. I’m signed by the Greenhouse Literary Agency. The lovely Sarah Davies is my agent. When I’m not writing, I’m usually travelling. I spend a lot of time hiking with my puppy, Livy, or chilling on the couch with my cat, Hera.
What do you write?

I write YA horror and mystery. I’m also working on my first adult horror and screenplay.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere. I spend a lot of time just thinking about stuff. My favorite ‘thought’ places include the couch, hiking in the woods and long drives.

What are you currently reading?

Revival by Stephen King. Joss Whedon’s autobiography. Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman. And I just finished The Falconer by Elizabeth May.

Describe your perfect read?

Exciting. Scary. Characters that make me melt. If I can find a book that can make me laugh out loud or break down crying, I know I’ve found a good one.

What are you waiting for someone to write that hasn’t been written yet?

A book that scares me to the point I have to put it down.

Pitch Madness is all about connecting writers with agents by finding gems in the slush – what stories are you hoping to see?

Anything horror. Western with a female protagonist. Street kids and runaways. A good old fashioned Nancy Drew type mystery. Survival story that’s not dystopian (think
plane crash or lost in the woods). Ghost stories that are based in mythology. Subculture
stories (think Skateboarding, punks, goth, etc)

If you could have dinner with three authors, who would they be?

Stephen King. J K Rowling. Douglas Coupland.

What book do you wish you had written?

The Stand by Stephen King.

What’s your favourite movie adaption of a book?

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

What 2015 release are you anticipating the most?

We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach

Rapid Fire Questions:

Yellow, Purple, Green? Green

Kombi, Porsche, Bike? Porsche

Marshmallow, Liquorice, Cupcake? Marshmallow

Unicorn, Gremlin or Cat? Aren’t all cats, gremlins? But are all gremlins, cats?

You can find Jeyn here and here and here. If you want to thank Jeyn for devoting her time to this contest then you can check out her books

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