Pitch Madness 2016 Mario Kart Edition … Game on!


moo moo meadows

Welcome to Team Moo Moo Meadows! It’s been a long week of reading through all the amazing pitches. Our wonderful readers have narrowed the slush, and your game hosts have chosen sixty-four pitches for the game. To meet the slush readers go to this post here. And you can find out more about the amazing agents playing the game on this post here.

thunder cloudFor those of you not familiar with Pitch Madness, it’s a contest where agents compete in a game against their peers for pitches and you can find the rules and instructions of the game here.

For this Pitch Madness game, we’re playing Mario Kart. bob-omb

mega mushroomScroll down to view all 16 picks for my blog or click on the links to each post … blooper


Middle Grade

SJ1: Me Vs The Multiverse

SJ2: Bony Legs

SJ3: A Jar Full of Butterflies

SJ4: Davy Jones, Pirate-Hater

SJ5: My Paper Route and Other Deadly Things

Young Adult

SJ6: Suits

SJ7: The Glass Sisters

SJ8: The Sky Prisoner

SJ9: Damaged Goods

SJ10: Cosplayed

SJ11: Clandestine Menagerie 

New Adult/Adult

SJ12: Lucy and the Sunshine Girl

SJ13: Final Detention

SJ14: Crisis Agent

SJ15: The Paris Twin

SJ16: Love Over Lattes

SJ17: Two


gold coinGo to all the hosts’ blogs to read more winning pitches …


Rainbow-road-n64Rainbow Road on Summer Heacock’s site




Bowsers CastleBowser’s Castle on Rebecca Coffindaffer’s site




moo moo meadowsMoo Moo Meadows on Sharon Johnston’s site



Yoshi Falls on Brenda Drake’s siteYoshi_Falls_Overview_-_Mario_Kart_Wii




Comments are set to moderation so the agents won’t see their competitors’ bids. Please no comments other than those from the agents. After the game, we’ll release the moderation and let you all comment on the entries.

donkey kongWe’ll reveal the agent requests on March 11 at 12:00PM (that’s noon) EST.

Please note: We will email submission details for all requests by the agents. After the contest, agents will make requests to us for the pitches they loved and did not win.

All the twitter fun will happen on the hashtag #PitchMadness! mario and bowser

bullet billCongratulations to those who’ve made it into the game! For those who haven’t made it (and whoever else wants to join us), we are hosting a Twitter Pitch Party on March 17 from 8AM to 8PMEST on the hashtag #PitMad.

How do you twitter pitch? You can find all the details here.



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